Sunday, January 27, 2008

The people of Israel asked is this the messiah or are we to continue to wait for his coming; which translates, is Obama the subject of MLK's dream of 1964 or what? If MLK is Moses will Obama be our generation’s Joshua?
Winston Churchill once said, never in the history of mankind has so much been owed by so many to so few. Paraphrasing, Ebekuo says that never in the history of civil rights struggle in America, has the opportunity presented itself more clearly for an effective and clear change of guard in the Whitehouse than under the present dispensation. He is articulate. He is smart. He is intelligent – very! He is eloquent. He is charismatic. He is adorable. He is tall. He is a loving family man. He is meek. He is affectionate. He is handsome with a face that has very seductive smile. His voice is a comforting and soothing booming-thunder. He is charming and he is successful. His name, BARACK OBAMA! He is the quintessential and very affable frontrunner democratic presidential candidate and peradventure the next President of the United States of America, come January 2009. Martin Luther King dreamt it forty-five years ago and today the opportunity never looked better. It is time for America to wake up and realize this prophetic dream of the King.
However the irony of the moment is that whereas all other Americans - the White folks, Latinos, Asians and Native Indians are falling over one another in the excitement of the moment, embracing Obama and his message of change, some loony civil rights group of African Americans have ganged up to stop him; using the Clintons as a tool. Their reason is that Barack Obama is not black enough and was not down with them in the early struggle as he has a traceable African-root of a Kenyan father in him. In other words these charlatans are jealous of the feat and phenomenon called Obama who is seriously contending for the Whitehouse – the first by a any colored person in the history of representative democracy in America. This leads to the question what will MLK do?
The Clintons want a third term in the Whitehouse yet they pretend to love African Americans whose votes and love they have cavorted and relished all these past years. If it is really love, they have for African Americans why can’t the Clintons support for once this only credible and most probable viable African American presidential candidate? Or is it a case of you are the best servant as long as you do not aspire to be a master someday. Clinton, the boy from Hope aspired and was supported through his two term presidency by a very boisterous African American base. Obama, an African American declared his aspirations several months before the Clintons also decided to throw their hat in the ring. When is this wool, called the Clintons going to be pulled off the eye of Americans? They cheat, they connive, they bludgeon, they intimidate, they cajole and above all they lie as long as there is a Clinton to benefit. Al Gore ran but did not receive desired support of the Clintons; John Kerry ran and received the same cold shoulder of the Clintons; now they want to move back into the Whitehouse – this is crazy and very repugnant to all notions of fairness. The dog said to his fellow dog, playing is when I fall for you, you fall for me; but if I continue to fall all the time, that then amounts to your beating me up. What is it that the Clintons forgot in the Whitehouse that they are so desperate to go back and retrieve? My conclusion is that it is absolute egotism to march the Quincy Adams and Bush family’s records as the longest family to occupy the Whitehouse. In a country of over three hundred million people, that one family should perpetually go through the revolving door of the Whitehouse is an aberration more so when we are questioning the moral standing of Monarchies all over the world particularly the Middle-East. It is time the Clintons make way for younger breeds of politicians to right the wrong, especially the rift amongst political parties and politicians which their rabid and pathetic partisanship has helped to generate over these past years of their active take no prisoner politicking.
The most despicable of these anti-Obama gangsters are the likes of Rev Sharpton, Jesse Jackson; John Lewis, Charles Rangel, Andrew Young and all those civil rights era African American water-carriers of the Clintons who have decided, out of spite and petty jealousy, to pretend they love the Clintons more than one of their own. One would ask what then, were they fighting for if not for such opportune moment as this in our Union’s history. Also included in this are all those Americans who choose to be fence-sitters in this primaries and who in their hearts desire a change but are too cowardly afraid of the Clintons to make a committal to the wind of change currently blowing through the American landscape. To this group of people, this author says, a man should be able to take a stand as this is the only way that desired changes are ever made. It is not enough to desire it or wish it but necessary steps must also accompany the thoughts to make it a reality. Some people are waiting to see the position of their admired public servants before they can vote one way or the other. This writer also believes that if Patrick Leahy and John Kerry have endorsed Obama earlier before the New Hampshire primaries, that Obama would have won judging by the narrowness of the result; more so, various polls have indicated a favorable result for Obama and possibly the voting masses of New Hampshire did not get a green light from their leaders hence they voted otherwise. This foot-dragging must stop in order for this wind of change to metamorphose into a tornado of change which will blow away the old order. YES WE CAN!
It is very unfortunate, the complicity of these African American civil rights group of people in the Clintons effort to truncate Obama’s presidency. MLK will be turning in his grave at the queasiness of these African American civil rights leaders who have shied away from stepping forward to embrace this agent of change. They may argue that their coming out might be wrongly interpreted as racial support for their own but what is wrong in it are the Clintons ever guilty of having the support of white Americans and are they ever accused of racial bias, why then would it only amount to racism when black supports black? All it takes is for powerful argument to be made explaining the basis for the support as being pure qualification and moreover that the Clintons have had their fair shot at the presidency and should make way for other upcoming politicians. The morbid quest by the Clintons for another stint at the presidency does not make sense and never made sense especially in view of their bold faced lie that they love African Americans. What took African Americans several millenniums to get to is now being sabotaged by the same African Americans through the Clintons, now that it is so within reach; why this growing conspiracy to abort it one may ask? Who on earth would rather have “our” own than “my” own? Clinton is allegedly an honorary black president why don't we now have the authentic black president in Obama, one may ask? The gist of the moment is that some kill-joys and spoil-brats out of petty jealousy and in a frenzied disdain chagrin mindset of “what I cannot get let no one else have it” – the “I would rather have access to the Whitehouse in the Clintons than to see an Obama benefit from all our struggles with civil rights” are bent at derailing what is the most optimistic shot at a life changing event of Obama’s presidency. All these slave mentality of some African Americans of ‘I will never be as good as my master’ must stop that we can make effective progress in this our newly found land of great many opportunities.
Now to the nitty-gritty of the democratic primaries; with Obama and Clinton compared for suitability: - both are lawyers while Clinton went to Yale Obama went to Harvard. Whereas Obama excelled at Harvard becoming editorial head and president of Harvard Law Review, no such excellence was recorded for Hillary. Obama is happily married with two girls Hillary is married with a daughter Chelsea but whether happily is inconclusive especially with all Bill’s dalliances epitomized with the national disgrace of “I did not sleep with that woman – Miss Lewinsky shame. How this Clintons summon the courage to assault our sensibilities is beyond my imagination. How Hillary has stayed with this “Billy goat” all these years of “bimbo-eruptions” quoting Rush Limbaugh, is beyond my comprehension too; which led one school of thought to posit that Hilary is letting Bill hang in there just as a ladder to climb up before shoving him aside in a divorce? The only thing motivating the Clintons is their greed – their personal greed to be in charge and in control all the time and every time. They are power drunk and this is the main driving force behind their mad and dizzying quest to recapture the Whitehouse; this is so because despite their taunted economic greatness of their 1990 sojourn in the Whitehouse, there is no magic wand of theirs that will automatically catapult us to back to the bliss and “good-times” of their 1990s. We should be marching forward into the future and not be hypnotized with hallucination of the past. Many a great thing was accomplished by turning the telescope into the future and not an ‘lsd’-induced reminiscence of the past - from the moon landing to missions to Mars. Hilary is a US senator from New York Obama too is a US senator from Illinois. While Clinton technically does not have a state as she has been opportunistically shopping for a more advantageous place all her life – she was born in Illinois, married to an Arkansas man and is now resident of New York; Obama has faithfully remained an Illinois resident. But there ends the comparison as we now we ask the tough questions about the candidates - who is more charismatic? Who has fewer skeletons in the cupboard? Who will unite the country more and faster? Who has fewer egos? Who can function without unnecessary meddlesomeness from his/her spouse? If Hilary becomes the president, can her vice president be effective in view of the huge enveloping presence of Bill? All these are the things for discerning Americans to decipher and make the necessary right choice needed at this time. Hilary has been touting her “experience” as an asset and reason de`ter for her “preeminent candidacy” yet she refuses to let people see all the advice she gave to Bill during his impeached presidency. It is like a job-seeker who refuses her/his would-be employer from seeing her resume. On what therefore would the alleged experience be verified from? It is this author’s opinion that the experience is naught otherwise they would have thrown it wide open for the public to judge themselves but regrettably what she flaunts as experience is less desirable hence the shield of presidential order has to be evoked to insulate it from public eyes. Who is fooling whom – the Clintons are fooling Americans.
In conclusion therefore, this author believes that the Clintons should make way for others to get into the Whitehouse as it is not their prerequisite to keep or their birthright. Why the Clintons would be speaking with both sides of their mouth just to get elected baffles this blogger. If this happens it means that we as Americans are shallow and bereft of the ability to discern facts from fictions. Bill Clinton it was who looked this nation in the face with a finger waging and told to us that he did not sleep with Monica Lewinsky. The same Bill Clinton who told us that he smoked marijuana but did not inhale which leaves this author to posit what is the essence of smoking a joint if you will not inhale? And who on earth could perform that “miracle” of not inhaling a good drag? Why would anybody believe anything that comes out of the mouth of these Clintons any longer? The Billary (Bill+Hillary) people must be out of their minds to think that they could hoodwink Americans every time and each times, the Houdini style? They must be stopped as this is the only thing that makes sense and which sends a very strong message that we can do some thinking ourselves. Like Bill said to a reporter in South Carolina, shame on you Clintons.
Further, the Clintons should reciprocate the gesture so far received from African Americans by supporting their most viable candidate for the US presidency. It took several years to get Martin Luther King and his dream; it took another 45years thereafter to get a Barack Obama; who knows how long it will take to get another authentic African American candidate whom Americans especially the white majority will rally around, assuming this one suffers from premature death. Assuming in a worst case scenario, it happens, Obama MUST not accept but should refuse a Vice Presidency ticket with Clinton as running on the same ticket will be a political suicide; as it will amount to double stand as accepting that which you had promised to get rid of. Obama must reject the Clintons totally and completely by not running on the same ticket with them. For one, the Clinton will loose in the general election and there goes whoever the Vice president is and recovering from there will be a very steep hill to climb. Americans must see you as a politician who says what he means and means what he says. If the Clintons are part of the old school desirable of getting rid of; then under no circumstance should you accept a co-ticket with them. Maintain your present stand above the fray of bitter partisanship of the Clintons. Never you be unequally yoked with the Clintons as a Vice Presidential candidate as their political leprosy is very infectious and contagious and you will never recover from that contagion. Whether John Edwards would have fared better this time around if not for the co-ticket with John Kerry has no way of being verified but people do not like losers. Opportunities seldom come twice in a lifetime and this golden one must not be allowed to fritter away? Assuming the Clintons win another term at the Whitehouse and Hilary succeeds in serving the traditional two terms that would have put the Clintons in the Whitehouse for sixteen years and may be thereafter, Chelsea will be ready to give it her own shot.
Finally I strongly believe that Obama would make a more effective president since he will have fewer distractions of trying to get even or settling old scores and will spend much valuable time running the affairs of the Union. What is paramount for a president is JUGDMENT and not necessarily experience and technically, no person other than an ex-president have necessary experience required for the presidency. A termed out president is not allowed by law to run for president; the aberration of the Clintons where Bill is trying to get a third term using his wife as a front, notwithstanding. Such presidential experience is garnered on the job and having not been an ex-president, touting such an experience is very arrogant and preposterous. Every president in the world has a retinue of support staff, policy wonks and technical and bureaucrat experts who ensure the smooth operations of the affairs of the nation. All that a president in essence does is to sign off after vetting various recommendations/advice and here comes the efficacy of good judgment. Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld have been in government since the Nixon 70s yet how did their vast “experience” catapult the presidency of GW? We need a new direction and Obama is the vehicle to take us there as time spent bickering would be better spent in finding solutions to the myriads of problems facing us as a Union. Obama is the answer; Obama is the way; the only way and nothing but the way, so help his campaign achieve this through your fervent support. God bless America; God bless all good men and women; God bless the Barack Obama campaign.
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